January 17, 2008

Social networking for movie buffs

Forget MySpace. Forget Facebook. Filmcrave is the new social networking website for all you movie buffs out there.

If you hate the movie reviews written by professional critics, then you can view the 'Quick Movie reviews' section written by the other members. You can even rate and share your thoughts with the other members. One interesting feature is creating 'Movie Lists' which lets you rate your top 10 favourite movies in different genres.

Like IMDB, the site also provides details of the movies like director, cast and synopsis.

Recently, FilmCrave has added movie trailers, so you can check out the promo for a film that is of interest to you.


Midwest Post said...

Hey, this is Alex, the Co-Founder of FilmCrave. Thanks for finding us. If you have any questions about FC or have any suggestions, let us know.

Yoni said...

Hi Alex,

First of all congrats on site and good luck.

Where is your added value over flixter? and do you have direct deals with the movies production so you get the latest info and don't need to grab it off the net?

Looking forward to your answer,