June 29, 2006

Meet Syd The Football Fan

This is Syd the rodent. As you can see he's also a Brazil fan.

Watch out for more action from Syd in coming posts.


'Superman Returns' premiere SUCKS !!!

I was invited to the 'Superman Returns' premiere at GSC Mid-Valley last night.

I was told to collect my ticket at 6.30pm for the show which starts at 9.30pm.

After collecting my ticket, I got back to GSC about 9pm. To my surprise we were informed that no electrical devices were allowed to be brought in the cinema. All devices have to be 'deposited' at a designated counter.

Incidentally, I brought along my laptop because I came straight from work. And I was informed that even my laptop has to be kept at the counter. Of course I refused to do that. I asked the organisers (who are 20th Century Fox) if they are willing to take responsibility in case of loss, and they refused. So how could I just leave my laptop to total strangers if the organisers themselves are not willing to guarantee its safety (especially nowadays when laptop thefts are so prevalent).

I argued with the Marketing Manager, who gave me this 'who cares' attitude. She kept telling me it's okay if I don't want to watch the movie. I argued with her for a few minutes and walked off without watching the movie.

I understand the part about not bringing in recording devices like video-cams and handphones, but not allowing someone to bring in their laptops is ridiculous (considering how expensive and valuable a laptop is). I even told them that they can check my laptop for any recording devices if they want. They refused.

I don't understand why 20th Century Fox is being so 'kiasu' about all of this. What's the big deal anyway ? The general release is the next day. If I want to record anything, I can just buy a ticket and do it then. Or better yet, I'll download it from BitTorrent.

Why was this not informed to us earlier in the invitation ? I could have left my laptop in my office or at home if I knew I could not bring it in. The least the organisers could do was to inform the guests when we collect our tickets at 6.30pm. There's still plenty of time for me to go back and keep my laptop.

Even though the invitation was given free to me, but I have lost precious time and effort. They have no right to treat the guests this way.

If any of you have any similar experience do let me know.