January 31, 2008

David Beckham is proud of his naked wife

Victoria Beckham is appearing nude on t-shirts for American fashion designer, Marc Jacobs in an initiative to raise awareness about skin cancer. Victoria (looking all tanned up...lol) is seen in the US$35 t-shirt that bears the slogan "Protect The Skin You’re In".

"Since we have moved to California, I have realized how important it is to practice safe sun for myself and to keep the skin of my three boys well protected as well," Victoria said. "Skin cancer is a huge problem and I really wanted to help raise awareness by taking part in Marc and Robert’s initiative." (yeah, right!)

Anyway it didn't take long before hubby David donned the shirt himself.

1 comment:

Cheek said...

oh come on, who wouldn't if your wife is so damn hawt? and you yourself is also on the same bar .. wouldn't you?