January 18, 2008

Headless Statue of Liberty

In conjunction with the release of 'Cloverfield', Paramount has gone all out to promote the movie. Below are some pictures of a decapitated Statue of Liberty in front of Paramount Studios where the premiere will be held. So far, critics who have watched early screenings of the movie has been raving madly about how good it is.

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Chew said...

Oh trust me, the movie is genius. I've watched it, and I felt that JJAbrams was bloody genius.

I had my criticisms of it, but wtf, it was good. Really good. It's a monster movie true and true.

I'd say it isn't as much a movie as it is an experience. Really, from start to end, the illusion, and the suspension of disbelief is kept.


(you can also read/link my review of cloverfield, if you like)