January 22, 2008

Heroes 3 spoilers

We all can't wait for the writers strike to be over and we can get our lives back to normal again...meaning watching (or downloading) our favourite series, Heroes every week.

For those of you who have been wondering what's in store for Season 3, here's a sneak peek (spoilers ahead):
  • It has been reported that Niki will not be coming back. But that doesn't mean we've seen the last of Ali Larter. The plan was for Niki to be dead and an alter ego to take over. Not Jessica, not the whipped-cream chick from Varsity Blues, and that leaves... someone we've seen before.
  • Adam, Hiro’s sworn nemesis will return.
  • Jamie Hector (best known for his role in HBO's The Wire) will play Benjamin "Knox" Washington, one of the new villains for Season 3. Nothing has been confirmed on what his powers will be.
That's all for now.....

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RaisingMercury said...

Adam monroe (David Anders) is coming baaaccckkk!! yyyaayyy!!! am so in lurve..thx =) its definitely good news..