February 26, 2007

New movie for Stone Cold

Fans of wrestling star 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin will be glad to know that he will be appearing in his first starring role in the upcoming summer release 'The Condemned'. Steve Austin will play Joe Conrad, a convict waiting the death penalty in a corrupt Central American prison. He is 'sold' to a wealthy television producer to participate in a reality show where he must fight nine other condemned killers to the death.

Personally I feel that the plot lacks originality. I'm sure we have seen this story before sometime, probably with Van Damme, or Swazenegger or one of those action stars.

I used to like Austin as a wrestler in WWE. I believe he has great acting potential and screen presence. It's a pity his first movie could not have been a better one. Anyway, I think I'll still watch the movie just for the fun of it :-)