December 21, 2012

A new Wolverine fan film hits the web

Two filmmakers from Sweden have just released their new unofficial Wolverine short film called "Logan".  As huge fans of Wolverine, they decided to make their own Scandinavian spin on his origin story together.
The directors Andreas Climent (left) and André Hedetoft (right)
The story features Logan as a young man held prisoner in a dark room, being interrogated about his identity. When his captors finally find out who he is, they realize that he isn't locked in with them, they are the ones locked in with him...

You can watch “Logan” here.

More information can be found on

December 1, 2012


BRUCEfilm is an Italian videogames and film producer which has just come out with a new concept that blends together movies and games called MOTION PICTURE GAME.

I was one of the privileged invited to test out the new game STAY DEAD. The concept of the game is not exactly original - one-to-one bet 'em up game where you are pitted against an opponent. In every level you will fight against a different martial arts wrestler. However, the amazing part is that the character that you control is not computer drawn - it's a real live actor! The player sees a real action movie shooted in live action, with a direction and a screenplay, but he will be the author of the actor's actions, moving him freely using more than a hundred of different tecniques and combos and in real time just like all the others arcade games.

Imagine playing Resident Evil or Street Fighter and the character are live actors. Or imagine watching an Indiana Jones movie, and you control the way Harrison Ford fights the Nazis!

The keyboard is used to control the actor's movements like attack, defense etc. It is said that you can move your character and perform more than 150 different techniques but I have not been able to try out all the moves yet. 

The movements and key strokes might need time to master. My suggestion is that the producers should make the first few levels easier. In fact I'm still stuck at Level 1! However it's interesting that everytime you play the same level, the action is different depending on how you control your character. Just trying out the different fight moves and choreography is enjoyable enough. I can't wait to kill off my opponent and move on to the next level.

In short, STAY DEAD is a giant breakthrough in video games. I hope this would set the milestone for future game makers unique concept which combines action movie and a beat'em up game. For more info you can visit the official site