August 30, 2006

Exclusive monster pic from new horror movie

'Feast' is a new monster pic from Dimension Films and will be opening in US on September 22nd I got the following exclusive pic from The movie is basically about a group of strangers who gather in a bar where they're attacked and systematically killed by monsters.

The film was a product of "Project Greenlight", the program created by Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Chris Moore to showcase new talent.

August 28, 2006

The winners of the 58th Primetime Emmy Awards


ALAN ALDA (The West Wing)


JEREMY PIVEN (Entourage)

KELLY MACDONALD (The Girl In The Café)

JEREMY IRONS (Elizabeth I)






HELEN MIRREN (Elizabeth I )

MARISKA HARGITAY (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)

JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS (The New Adventures of Old Christine)




My new blog

I have always been fascinated by the unknown and the unexplained. Probably that's why I love scary movies. When people talk of the unexplained, the TV series 'X-Files' immediately comes to mind. Recently our cable TV has been showing the series 'Supernatural' which is about 2 brothers going from town to town solving mysteries of the unexplainable. Whether you are a believer or a sceptic, all of us desire the truth....and as the saying goes 'The Truth is out there'.

I have started a new blog which basically lists stories of this nature. I call my blog 40ana (pronounced as Forteana). Forteana is a term which is used to refer to all strange and anomalous phenomena. The word comes from Charles Fort (1874 - 1932) who is like the father of paranormal investigations. For over thirty years, Fort sat in the libraries of New York and London, assiduously reading scientific journals, newspapers, and magazines, collecting notes on phenomena that lay outside the accepted theories and beliefs of the time.

To make it more interesting, I hope my friends and readers will share their experiences as well.

August 25, 2006

'Snakes on a Plane' review

I attended the premiere of 'Snakes on a Plane' (SoaP) on Wednesday night courtesy of GSC. As you all know, there's a big hype on the internet about this movie. GSC, the local distributor of the movie, also jumped on the bandwagon by creating a big affair during the premier by having getting some snake performers at the cineplex.

I have always enjoyed creature features. From snakes and bugs to mutant creatures and dinosaurs, I always enjoy those B-grade movies they show on cable TV. So naturally I was very excited to watch SoaP.

Well, overall this movie was entertaining (but, I still think Anaconda is one of the best snake movies ever). The movie has been written specifically with the idea of creating a B-grade movie...and it works. The cheesy dialogues are funny, and the action is both entertaining and gory. Unfortunately the swearing parts have been deleted by our dear consors....or else it would be even funnier. Samuel Jackson is great as the kick-ass detective. When Jackson declares that he wants these motherf---ing snakes off this motherf---ing plane, you can't help but cheer. (Of course, in our local cinemas, you can only 'imagine' Samuel Jackson saying it!!)

This is one of those fun movies you want to watch with a group of your buddies so that you can talk and laugh about it later at the mamak store.

August 24, 2006

Lost Season 3 promo poster

ABC has just revealed the new promo poster for the third season of the popular series 'Lost', which begins in US on October 4. The show will air the first six episodes, then will take a break for 13 weeks, and finally return sometime in the first quarter of 2007 (likely February) for the remaining 16 episodes.

August 22, 2006

Some news on 'Indiana Jones 4'

Here's some latest news on 'Indiana Jones 4' which I got from the net. Not sure how much of these are true though. Anyway, the film has been scheduled for a summer 2008 release.
  • George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have gone over the new Jeff Nathanson script and given it their approval. Harrison Ford is also pleased with the draft.
  • The Movie is set 10-12 years after the events of the old movies, it'll be in the 50's.
  • Naturally Harrison Ford will return as Indie, and he will also have a younger sidekick.
  • The movie will be shot in early 2007 likely in Australia and U.S. Steven Spielberg has been spotted location hunting in Queensland, Australia and Japan.
  • George Lucas has confirmed he has written a role in the movie for Sean Connery in the hope he will sign on.
  • Rumor has it that Steven Spielberg paid Michelle Yeoh a visit on the set of 'Memoirs of a Geisha' to ask her to star in Indy 4!
  • Model Laura Dutta is the first person to be officially signed on, the model has never acted before but has landed a small role involving some dialogue.
  • Kate Capshaws character Willie Scott looks set to return, with the possibility of a cameo role from one of Indie's other love interests.
  • Steven Spielberg also has his eye on Scarlett Johansson for a role in the movie.
  • John Rhys-Davies says he hopes his character 'Sallah' will return but says he has had no contact with George Lucas or Steven Spielberg.

August 21, 2006

'Snakes On A Plane' Safety Instructions

'Snakes on a Plane' (SoaP) must be one of the most talked-about movies of this season.

Samuel L. Jackson plays an FBI agent who is escorting a witness on a flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles when an assassin releases hundreds of deadly snakes on a commercial airplane in order to eliminate the witness. The FBI agent, along with a rookie pilot, frightened crew and passengers must then band together in a desperate attempt to survive.

Take a look at the hilarious in-flight safety instruction card that was distributed during Comic-Con recently. (Click on the pic to get a larger view.)

'United 93' - emotional & powerful

I managed to watch 'United 93' over the weekend. It was supposed to have been shown in our local cinemas but I think it was banned. I'm glad I managed to get this on DVD.

We all know what happened on September 11 2001. 4 commercial planes were hijacked. 2 of them hit World trade Center. The 3rd hit Pentagon. The 4th plane was apparently heading towards the White House but it missed its target and crashed into a field. This is the story of what happened on the 4th plane.

The good thing about this movie is that in no way it exploits, sensationalizes or points fingers about what happened that day. It's made like a documentary, a factual account of what happened, from the beginning where we see the passengers checking in, to the final moments. There's no Hollywood glitz about the movie, it was all about real people and real event. I read that the movie was shot entirely with hand-held cameras to perfectly capture the realism of the events that happened that day. The actors who are mainly unknowns gave very convincing portrayals as both the terrorists and the passengers. I

All in, it's hard to deny that 'United 93' is a very emotional and powerful film.

On the downside, some scenes were not convincing enough, for example when the passengers use their mobile phones to call their family from the plane.....I didn't realise that you would get a signal from way up in the sky.

All in, it's hard to deny that 'United 93' is a very emotional and powerful film. This is a must-see for everybody. I wonder if Oliver Stone would do as well in his movie 'World Trade Center'. Anyway, I admit that I started to get a phobia of flying after watching this movie.

Footnote: Conspiracy theorists say that pieces of Flight 93 were found far from the crash site and suggest that this may be evidence of a shoot-down by jet fighters. The eyewitness accounts are consistent with a missile strike and not with a plane being flown into the ground.

August 18, 2006

The Hulk is coming back in 2008

Putting Ang Lee's screwed-up version of Hulk aside, Marvel Studios (a subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment Inc.) has signed top rising director Louis Leterrier (Unleashed, Transporter 2) to direct a new big screen adaptation of The Incredible Hulk. This movie would be Marvel's second big project for 2008, after Iron Man.

Zak Penn, who previously collaborated with Marvel on X2 and this summer's smash hit X-Men: The Last Stand, is writing the script. It has been rumoured that Dominic Purcell (star of 'Prison Break'and 'John Doe') is up for the role of Bruce Banner/Hulk.

Marvel wants to revive the Hulk on film because he is one of their most successful comic book franchises.

August 17, 2006

Hugh Jackman is looking for the fountain of youth

One movie to look forward to this November should be 'The Fountain' starring Hugh Jackman. The story is about one man's thousand-year struggle to save the woman he loves. His epic journey begins in 16th century Spain, where conquistador Tomas Creo (Hugh Jackman) commences his search for the Tree of Life, the legendary entity believed to grant eternal life to those who drink of its sap. As modern-day scientist Tommy Creo, he desperately struggles to find a cure for the cancer that is killing his beloved wife Isabel (Rachel Weisz). Traveling through deep space as a 26th century astronaut, Tom begins to grasp the mysteries of life that have consumed him for more than a century.

Jackman says that 'The Fountain' is incredible:

"I saw it, and I thought, 'Oh, man, I'm so glad to be in that.' It's like nothing you've ever seen. I can guarantee you that, and I think that Darren Aronofsky (director) is the modern-day Kubrick. I think that he is simply an artist and probably a genius."

'The Departed' - HK movie remake

One of my favourite HK movie of all times must be the 'Infernal Affairs' trilogy starring Andy Lau and Tony Leung. The movies were well-made and stylish, and probably one of the best psychological thriller ever made even by Hollywoods' standards. Now comes Hollywood to remake (or break) this story. Leonardo DiCaprio has been casted in Tony Leung's role as a young undercover cop assigned to infiltrate the mob syndicate run by gangland chief Costello, whilst Matt Damon takes on Andy Lau's role as a young criminal who has infiltrated the police department as an informer for the syndicate.

Whilst I look forward to this remake, I would hate to see how badly screwed-up the end result would be. I hope Martin Scorcese will make good job out of this. I'm not really a fan of DiCaprio, and I don't see how he can step in Tony Leung's shoes as the tough, macho undercover cop.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

August 11, 2006

'Entourage' - simply awesome

Astro has just recently showed the series 'Entourage' at HBO. Although it's already 2 years old, but still better late than never! I've heard so much about the series (and even saw the DVD box set on sale at Sungai Wang), but I never really knew what the show was about. Anyway, after watching the 6 episodes to date, I should say once again HBO has churned out another winning series. This time it's a comedy about 4 single guys in LA hanging out and hooking up with chicks..... yeah, sounds like 'Sex & The City' on testosterones!

I admit when I saw the first episode, I was initially bored. But as I watched it more I got kinda hooked to it. What makes this series interesting is watching how the young and famous live their lives and how people wheel and deal in the movie biz in Hollywood. From the constant celebrity cameos, to the cool LA locations, to the slick production, everything about the show is top notch.

The series revolves around the lives of an up-and-rising movie star, Vincent Chase and his entourage that consists of 3 friends. There's Vincent's manager and best friend, Eric who's the most realistic and serious of the lot. Then there's Turtle the fat bloke who's always being bullied by everybody else to do menial jobs for them.And then there's Vincent's brother, Johnny 'Drama' who is a washed-out actor trying to regain his stardom. Finally there's Ari, the fast-talking, soulless agent played perfectly by Jeremy Piven.

Overall, this is a great drama-comedy series. I tell you this is one of those rare series which gets you hooked on and doesn't let go. I just can't wait to watch the rest of the season (and the next 2 seasons).

August 7, 2006

'Lost' Season 3 spoilers

Did anybody watch the 'Lost' Season 2 finale on AXN last week? I was so 'kan-chiong' that I had to search the internet for news of Season 3. I think 'Lost' is one of the most exciting and addictive TV series I've ever seen. The following are some info which I managed to dig up (beware: for those who hate spoilers, read no further):

- Season 3 is split into 6 Episode followed by 16
- Strong hints about Libby's past being told
- Michael Emerson joins the regular cast in his ongoing role as Henry Gale, leader of The Others.
- Locke and Sayid will band together with some of the other survivors and journey across the island in an attempt to free Jack, Kate and Sawyer.
- The fates of Locke, Desmond and Mr. Eko in the aftermath of the implosion of the hatch are answered.
- Three new characters will be introduced - 2 female and 1 male.
- One of these new female characters is going to be a romantic interest, possibly for Jack.
- Locke will be a very different person in Season 3
- Penny will be an important character for Season 3
- The interrelationship between the outside world and the island will be something that will be a part of Season 3.
- The monster and the polar bear will be back in Season 3
- The smoke creature and the monster are one and the Same
- Are Walt and Michael gone forever? Not necessarily.
- An event will happen mid-season that will blow people away!
- Desmond and Penny’s relationship forms a new seed for a new element in the series.
- Kate will "make her choice" in the first six episodes of the season - presumably between Sawyer and Jack.
- Sun and Jin will continue to celebrate their pregnancy but is the child really Jin's?
- They are going to explain the medical miracles.
- The hyroglypics on the countdown clock are signs of the underworld.

Season 3 will premier on October 4th. It seems that the producers have 4 to 5 seasons planned out, and they knew the beginning and ending from the start. Going beyond 5 seasons would be stretching it, they said.

August 3, 2006

Meet the cast of 'Barnyard'

It's obvious that CGI animated movies are making big bucks nowadays. There are so many animated movies coming soon in the next few months or so, and many more in production. The latest is from Paramount Pictures and Nicelodeon called 'Barnyard'. Those who have seen the trailer will agree it's hilarious.

The story is about Otis (voiced by Kevin James, 'The King of Queens'), a carefree party cow, who enjoys singing, dancing and playing tricks on humans. Unlike his father Ben (voiced by Sam Elliott), the respected patriarch of the farm, and Miles, the wise old mule (voiced by Danny Glover), Otis is unconcerned about keeping the animals’ humanlike talents a secret. But when suddenly put in the position of responsibility, the “udderly” irresponsible cow finds the courage to be a leader.

Courteney Cox (from 'Friends') lends her voice to the role of Daisy, the hot new cow on the farm who catches the attention of Otis.

August 2, 2006

Oops! She did it again

Some of you might have seen pregnant Britney Spears posing nude for US magazine Harper's Bazaar. Britney follows Hollywood actress Demi Moore who posed for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine while she was pregnant 15 years ago.

I came across this hilarious 'mock' cover on the internet. Maybe that's why she recently dyed her hair that she doesn't have to look like the cartoon....hehe. Britney insists it's vegetable dye, so it's not harmful to the baby. Whatever !