August 25, 2006

'Snakes on a Plane' review

I attended the premiere of 'Snakes on a Plane' (SoaP) on Wednesday night courtesy of GSC. As you all know, there's a big hype on the internet about this movie. GSC, the local distributor of the movie, also jumped on the bandwagon by creating a big affair during the premier by having getting some snake performers at the cineplex.

I have always enjoyed creature features. From snakes and bugs to mutant creatures and dinosaurs, I always enjoy those B-grade movies they show on cable TV. So naturally I was very excited to watch SoaP.

Well, overall this movie was entertaining (but, I still think Anaconda is one of the best snake movies ever). The movie has been written specifically with the idea of creating a B-grade movie...and it works. The cheesy dialogues are funny, and the action is both entertaining and gory. Unfortunately the swearing parts have been deleted by our dear consors....or else it would be even funnier. Samuel Jackson is great as the kick-ass detective. When Jackson declares that he wants these motherf---ing snakes off this motherf---ing plane, you can't help but cheer. (Of course, in our local cinemas, you can only 'imagine' Samuel Jackson saying it!!)

This is one of those fun movies you want to watch with a group of your buddies so that you can talk and laugh about it later at the mamak store.


Luke said...

Great movie.. I also reviewed the movie on my blog. Although I can't imagine seeing it censored. Well its not like you couldn't tell what he was meant to say. One of the best popcorn flicks of the year..

*FilmAddict* said...

What is a B-grade movie anyway?

The MovieBuff said...

*filmaddict*, a B-grade movie is one which is produced on a cheap budget...the plot is predictable, the acting lousy and the effects look cheap.