August 18, 2006

The Hulk is coming back in 2008

Putting Ang Lee's screwed-up version of Hulk aside, Marvel Studios (a subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment Inc.) has signed top rising director Louis Leterrier (Unleashed, Transporter 2) to direct a new big screen adaptation of The Incredible Hulk. This movie would be Marvel's second big project for 2008, after Iron Man.

Zak Penn, who previously collaborated with Marvel on X2 and this summer's smash hit X-Men: The Last Stand, is writing the script. It has been rumoured that Dominic Purcell (star of 'Prison Break'and 'John Doe') is up for the role of Bruce Banner/Hulk.

Marvel wants to revive the Hulk on film because he is one of their most successful comic book franchises.

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Luke said...

The first film was a bit of a disappointment. But with the amount of talent behind The Hulk on this go around hopefully they will get it right..