August 11, 2006

'Entourage' - simply awesome

Astro has just recently showed the series 'Entourage' at HBO. Although it's already 2 years old, but still better late than never! I've heard so much about the series (and even saw the DVD box set on sale at Sungai Wang), but I never really knew what the show was about. Anyway, after watching the 6 episodes to date, I should say once again HBO has churned out another winning series. This time it's a comedy about 4 single guys in LA hanging out and hooking up with chicks..... yeah, sounds like 'Sex & The City' on testosterones!

I admit when I saw the first episode, I was initially bored. But as I watched it more I got kinda hooked to it. What makes this series interesting is watching how the young and famous live their lives and how people wheel and deal in the movie biz in Hollywood. From the constant celebrity cameos, to the cool LA locations, to the slick production, everything about the show is top notch.

The series revolves around the lives of an up-and-rising movie star, Vincent Chase and his entourage that consists of 3 friends. There's Vincent's manager and best friend, Eric who's the most realistic and serious of the lot. Then there's Turtle the fat bloke who's always being bullied by everybody else to do menial jobs for them.And then there's Vincent's brother, Johnny 'Drama' who is a washed-out actor trying to regain his stardom. Finally there's Ari, the fast-talking, soulless agent played perfectly by Jeremy Piven.

Overall, this is a great drama-comedy series. I tell you this is one of those rare series which gets you hooked on and doesn't let go. I just can't wait to watch the rest of the season (and the next 2 seasons).

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