May 18, 2009

Wolverine Hidden Endings

For those who watched "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" I bet you started walking out to the exit once the credits start rolling.

For your info, there are some hidden endings during and after the credits. And to top it up, there are different endings on different prints. This means that, depending on which cinema you watched the movie in, the ending will be different.


The hidden scene which I saw features Logan aka Wolverine drinking shots of whiskey in a bar in Japan. The female bartender asks him if he’s American. Wolverine replies "Canadian…I think." She asks if he’s drinking to forget. "I’m drinking to remember" he says.

Comic buffs would know that Wolverine will meet and marry a girl named Itsu in Japan and they have a son, Daken. This ending could be the teaser for a possible sequel.

The other hidden ending features Deadpool. Out of the rubble of the tower, Deadpool's blade begins to retract back into his arm. His hand reaches out from the rubble to find his decapitated head. The eyes pop open and with his, now open, mouth he looks at the camera and says “Ssssh”.

This could be a prelude to the upcoming Deadpool spin-off movie.

For more hidden endings, see my other post Here.


gAdiS_mAnJA said...
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Avatar said...

Saw the hidden ending. There's possible for sequel. If there is, hope it's better wolverine movie.

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