May 4, 2009

Watching movie online - the legal way

Forget bittorrent, limewire etc. Forget about going to your local video store to buy or rent DVDs. Now there's a convenient and legal way to watch and stream movies online. is a new portal which lets you watch movies online using iReels's own player. No plugins or installs required.

iReel's movie database is slowly expanding and includes movies from the early 1950s to recent Hollywood blockbusters such as The Uninvited and Iron Man.

Most importantly to know is that this site offers a legal service and without any threat of viruses or spywares.

Note: unfortunately iReel service is currently still not available in Malaysia. Hopefully it will be made available to us soon.


Moovida man said...

Hello i always watch movies online an wanted to let you know about the media center that i love to use it is called Moovida.

It aranges all the media files on your computer in to its database, which is great to use, while adding additional infromation to them such as for movie files it will add a synopsis on the film with fan art ect...

Well worth checking it out


Scout said...

Well, I would go with one of those apps for recording streaming video.There's actually a pretty nice article about this here:

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I am new here. I hope we will enjoy that time :) I love to use that and i hope you too! :)