May 3, 2008

Movie endings that you might have missed

Are you one of those people who walks out of the cinema immediately once the credits start rolling? Or are you one of the few who stays behind and read the credits until the end? If you are the former, you might have missed some great endings to some of the movies.

Nowadays, the directors tend to put additional scenes during or after the credits as an inside joke or a teaser for a possible sequel.

Here's some recent blockbusters with "hidden" endings:

(**Beware: Spoilers Alert**)

Pirates of the Caribbean

We see Captain Barbossa dead in the cave. The monkey is swimming through the water up to the ground and scurries up to the chest of gold. He picks up one of the pieces and you see him turn into a skeleton in the moonlight. The monkey shrieks and lunges towards the camera as the film ends.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The cannibals are dancing on the island. We see the dog that was left behind sitting on the throne with a bone in his mouth. He has been made chief of the cannibal tribe.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End

The words 'Ten Years Later' is shown on the screen. We see a little boy of about ten years old running through the fields by the shore, followed shortly by Elizabeth (Kiera Knightley). The pair walks to the edge of the cliff. Elizabeth puts her hand around the boy as both of them watch the sunset. Both of them are humming the tune of "A Pirate's Life for Me". Suddenly there's a green flash of light and both Elizabeth and the boy looks at each other and smile. The scene cuts to Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) hanging on the mast of his ship and he smiles.

The Simpsons Movie

During the rolling of the credits, the Simpsons appear discussing why they are watching the credits. As they get up to leave, Marge tells them that she thinks Maggie is going to say her first word. The word turns out to be "sequel".

At the end of the credits, a cinema worker appears moaning that he spent so many years at film school to sweep up the rubbish and that being assistant manager is not all its cracked up to be.


Constantine (Keanu Reeves) visits the gravestone of Chas Kramer (Shia LaBeouf). He leaves his ornamented lighter on top of the stone and says "You did good, kid". As he walks away, Constantine sees Chas' angelic form pause on top of the gravestone. Chas spreads his wings and flies up to the sky.


A couple of guards stand outside a room. Inside, Bullseye (Colin Farrell) lies on a bed in a full-body cast. A fly is buzzing around his face. He starts to reach for a hypodermic needle on a nearby table. The scene cuts back to the guards outside the room. Then we hear a swishing sound. Next, we see the fly pinned to the wall with the hypodermic needle. Bullseye smiles and says "Bullseye."

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

We see Dr Moira MacTaggart and a catatonic patient. (The patient is the same one that Xavier showed on the screen during one of his lectures.) The patient wakes up and says, "Hello Moira," and she says, "Charles?". (This implies that Xavier's mind has transferred into the catatonic patient.)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Lucy sneaks back into the room with the wardrobe. She opens it up and is about to go in when we hear the professor say, "It won't work." He tells Lucy that he's been trying to get back in for a long time with no luck. Lucy asks if they'll ever be able to go back, and he says that they just need to keep their eyes open for the right door. As the two leave the room, the door starts to close by itself, but before it does we can see sunlight shining out and hear a lion's magnificent roar.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The scene returns to Diagon Alley, and the 'Flourish and Blotts' bookstore, where a new book is shown in the front window. "Who Am I?" by Gilderoy Lockhart, featuring a wizard photo of the man in a straitjacket, smiling and looking about happily.


Technically this is not really an additional scene, but a sound which is heard - some static filled, garbled sort of transmission that lasted a couple of seconds. It sounded like somebody saying "Help us". But when played backwards, it says, "It's still alive!".

and finally, the latest blockbuster to hit town.....

Iron Man

Tony Stark comes home and catches sight of a figure in his living room facing the balcony glass window. The figure says "You think you're the only superhero in the world? Mr Stark, you're part of a bigger universe. You just don't know it yet".

"Who the hell are you?" Tony asks. The figure slowly turns around, and we see it's Samuel L.Jackson wearing an eye-patch. He answered "Nick Fury, director of SHIELD. I'm here to talk to you about the Avanger Initiative".


KaV said...

i caught all of those stuff, some in the theater and some by watching a DVD copy.

Sadly, I didnt manage to catch Iron Man's ending. I knew Sam jackson was gonna make an appearence at the end, but the stupid theater stopped the film roll 10 seconds into the credits...

pamsong said...

Ooo, I missed some! Caught most but... not all. Damn.

peg said...

cool stuff! I just watched Iron Man yesterday and I walked out before the last scene.

It'll be best if you could source for videos of the last scene of some movies and upload them :)


dreamermagicland said...

Oh No!!! I missed the Iron Man ending....

Buy DVD to watch it again...XD

JoeJoe said...

Haha. I'm one of those who leave once the credits roll. Thanks for the insight man!

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of others. All the Marvel movies and quite a few other file. Keep watching! You never know when it will happen!

Anonymous said...

The Grey is one.

Sapphia Bryant said...

Captin America has one!