November 1, 2012

Films where they needed better home security

Look, you know as well as I do that films are meant to be taken with a healthy pinch of salt, but there are those moments in films where we all struggle to make the logical leap required to properly enjoy a film. Those moments are distracting primarily because you’re left thinking “Why don’t they just call the police?” or “Why don’t they just bolt the door?”, it’s that latter thought that we’re celebrating today – so without further ado, here are a few films where they simply could’ve done with better home security. 

Home Alone
This family “classic” finds a young, pre-terrifying Macaulay Culkin abandoned by his seemingly insane parents as they go gallivanting around Paris for the Christmas season. During the course of the film, Kevin (Culkin) finds his home under repeated attack from Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, as this is apparently what they do when they don’t have films lined up. Hilarious hijinks ensue, but the entire thing could have been avoided given some better home security. 

Most horror films
We all know that horror films aren’t meant to be serious affairs, but there’s something a wee bit problematic in the protagonist’s constant inability to locate a landline phone or even to lock the blooming’ door. After being spooked by something outside, you can guarantee that the first thing they do isn’t go ensure the windows are shut and the doors are bolted, but go back to doing whatever they were before, completely oblivious as to the horror barrelling towards them. 

It might not necessarily be home security, but the crew of the good ship Nostromo could well have avoided their mostly terrible fate if only their doors could hold out against the raw power of the Aliens; perhaps a dead bolt would have sufficed? Maybe even a chain lock? Either way, the crew of the Nostromo certainly needed better locks on their doors.

Whatever the film, the point remains, good home security can avoid you all sorts of horrors, so invest today and enjoy peace of mind.

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CCTV Product Distributor said...

These are all blockbuster flicks. But yeah, these films could make use of reliable home CCTV systems. Too bad it was not part of the script or the film itself. :)