November 2, 2012

Best bike scenes in the movies

There are few great real tragedies in the movie world, but undoubtedly one of them is the refusal of the major award ceremonies (I’m looking at you, BAFTA, Acadamy Awards) to acknowledge the fine work of motorbike stuntmen and their choreographers. Well cry no longer, bike fans, because we’re here to celebrate just a few of the coolest bike scenes in the movies, so without further ado, let’s begin. 

The Matrix Reloaded
If there’s one thing you could say about The Matrix Reloaded, it’s that it wasn’t anywhere as near as good as the first film. Now, if there’s two things you could say about The Matrix Reloaded it would be that it had one of the very coolest motorcycle chase scenes we’ve seen. The premise goes as such, Trinity and The Keymaker board a motorbike, and then spend a few minutes darting around in an incredible motorway set. It’s an incredible bit of choreography, and one other film makers could measure themselves against. 

Terminator 2
At this point, it’s safe to assume most human beings have seen James Cameron’s Terminator 2, a masterful sequel and home to one of the best motorbike scenes of all time. Arnie and Edward Furlong (aka John Connor) find themselves being chased down by a truck, which appears to be unrealistically fast, and can only survive with the help of their trusty chopper and shotgun combination. Faultless. 

The Great Escape
Perhaps the most memorable and famous motorcycle scene of any movie ever, The Great Escape is the timeless and well known tale of allied prisoners of war planning to escapes from a Nazi prison camp during World War Two. What has our attention though is the superb final chase scene in which Steve McQueen attempts to escape on his motorbike, all whilst being chased by Germans, one of whom was also portrayed by McQueen due to the stunt drivers being unable to keep up with him. It’s a timeless moment, and one that’s been parodied and remembered as many times as almost any other clip. Let’s take a moment to pour one out to the legend that is The Great Escape.

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Anonymous said...

one of the latest worthy mentions would have to be the opening to skyfall, some brilliant motorbike action in there.

Mick Constable said...

Do you think Hagrid from Harry Potter would also class as one???

Mick Constable said...

Would Hagrid in Harry Potter be classed as one?