November 29, 2010

The typical Malaysian audience

I attended the Gala Premiere of Peter Pan musical at the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre last Friday (26 November 2010).

While the performance was great, I just had to blog about the negative experience I had.

Firstly, the seats were not numbered. So in the typical Malaysian attitude, people started booking seats for their friends, who turned up half an hour late. There were many people who came early but could not find seats because some fucking inconsiderate people put their bags on the seats to book for their friends. I think the Sunway usherers should stop people from doing that.

The show was supposed to start at 8pm but somehow it was delayed for one whole freaking hour. The announcer first made an announcement that the show will start in 15 mins. Then 15 mins later, he announced that the show will start in 5 mins. 10 mins passed nothing happened. Then the announcer came on again and said the show will start in 5 mins. If you are not going to start the show, then don't announce it so. You think we don't know how to read time?

And guess what, after 45 mins delay, I can still see the audience strolling into the theatre like nobody's business. Hello! the ticket says start at 8pm and you walk in at 8.45pm. You think this is your grandfather's house ah?

It's people like these who gives Malaysians a bad name.


ahsiang - was call "吹水 - CHUI SUI" previously said...

yup, Malaysian time! I hate it!

Credit Crunch said...

I have been to Malaysia once on holiday, and thought the people were very gentle and kind. But those misleading time announcements wouldn't have been well received here in England. Is it always like that for punctuality?


The MovieBuff said...

yes CreditCrunch, it's normal for Malaysians to be tardy, esp at dinner parties, weddings, meetings.

Manbono said...

But I thought the show was pretty good. Will be posting a review on my site Popcorn Breath soon.