November 26, 2010

My favourite channels in DETV

When I was initially asked to review the DETV IPTV service, I was thinking “shucks I’m not really a fan of Chinese drama series”. However after more than 1 month going through their channels I discovered that DETV has a lot of other interesting programs besides the drama series.

So far my favorite channels are CH 155 and CH 260. I will review each channel below.

Ch 115 – Hunan TV World

Hunan TV World is provided by Hunan Broadcasting System (HBS) which is China's second biggest television network after CCTV. Hunan TV is a comprehensive channel which includes famous variety shows, outstanding reality shows and iconic dramas and is set to be one of the most dynamic Chinese entertainment television brands with distinctive entertainment character.

My sister loves watching Happy Shopping. This program is hosted by Wang Han, Fang Qiong and Barbie Tsu. The program showcases the latest fashion across the world, specifically Asian. There’s also lots of entertainment, games, celebrity interviews.

As for me, I prefer Men’s Style This program is hosted by Tang Xiao and Ma Rui. I believe this is a new program launched by Hunan TV for men. The program highlights the unique charm of men in modern society, discussing the most topical issues of fashion, lifestyle and much more.

Ch 260 – Enlight Media

Enlight Media is one of the largest private entertainment program producers and publishers in China, producing four hours of entertainment news, music, fashion and reality shows daily. As one of the largest movie and television drama companies in China, Enlight invested in and distributed five full length motion pictures and over 200 hours of television drama in 2007. It also maintains an entertainment video library with over 50,000 hours of content and a video website.

The programs that I like to watch are Music Chart which showcases the latest Chinese music videos. This is something which I rarely get to see on Astro since I canceled my subscription to their Chinese Package (too damn expensive!)

The other interesting program which my mum loves watching is call Healthcare Tips which showcases recipes and tips using Chinese herbs as cures to common illnesses.

The other program of interest is call I Love Watching Movies. This is a half-hour program which previews upcoming cinema releases.

There are also a lot of other programs which can be found in these 2 channels which I am still exploring. As you can see the programs cater to everybody in the family, young to old. There are so many other channels which I have yet to explore.

My conclusion is that DETV is definitely giving Astro a run for its money. And I cannot stress enough about the streaming of the programs. You can pause, fast-forward, rewind anytime you want. Who needs to buy a PVR now?

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