March 19, 2008

'Storm Riders 2' is coming

Universe Entertainment has just announced the production of their latest big-budget fantasy sequel 'Storm Riders 2', featuring the return of Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng as Cloud and Wind in the comic-book adaptation.

The $12 million sequel to the 1998 smash hit will start next month. Directors Danny and Oxide Pang ('The Eye') are spending big on post-production to get a '300' kind of feel to the movie.

The film is slated for release by the end of 2009 in Hong Kong, China and Asia.

'Storm Riders 2' will be the first Hong Kong movie that is filmed exclusively on blue screen and custom-made sets. Frankly I was not impressed with the visual effects in the first movie. I thought it was too fake-looking. Hopefully, after 10 years, the technology has improved.

The movie also stars Simon Yam as Lord Godless, Nicholas Tse as Heart, Charlene Choias Second Dream and rising star , Tiffany T, will play Chu Chu.

'Storm Riders 2' is an adaptation of comic master Ma Wing Shing's 1990s best-selling 'Fung Wan'.

***UPDATED 10-DEC-2008***
'Storm Riders 2' will also be known as 'Storm Warriors'. The Pang Brothers' sequel has been shooting for a while in Mainland China and now the teaser for the film, coming next year from Universe, has just been released.

Click here to view.

In the meantime, there's an animated version currently doing it's round in the cinemas. The movie is called 'Storm Riders - Clash of Evils'. It basically starts where the first live-action 'Storm Riders' left off, with orphaned martial artists Wind and Cloud taking on Conquer, the man who murdered their parents in order to make them his disciples and secure his rule of the martial arts world.


Wade said...

Its more phonetically accurate to pronounce it as "Feng Yun". ;)

Benson said...

in mandarin, yes. but fung wan is alright for cantonese.