March 4, 2008

How to download videos from YouTube

Have you ever came across a cool video in YouTube and wanted to download it? Well, YouTube does not allow downloading of its video easily (unless you search in your cache file). Even then the format of the YouTube videos are in FLV and you probably have to download a FLV viewerto play the video on its own.

1-Click YouTube Batch Downloader

Anyway, I came across this excellent software which enables you to download videos from YouTube - either a single video or multiple videos in a batch. You can select the format of the downloaded videos as well (eg. MP4, WMV, AVI) The program is fairly easy to use, and comes with some video tutorials as well.

Click here to go directly to the Home Page to download the program. The software is freeware and adware-free.


Robin said...

i wonder does it works with vista?
anyway,it's a nice program

The MovieBuff said...

robin, the software does support Vista.