October 10, 2007

Some new Korean horror flicks

Continuing from my post yesterday, here's some new horror flicks from Korea.....

1. Black House

An insurance surveyor looks into a murder case that the police have confirmed as a suicide. The story revolves around his struggle with a psychopath whom he encounters on the crime site.

2. Someone Behind You

Ga-in is singled out as the next in line to die from a curse that has one person in each generation die at the hands of two people close to them. Ga-in searches for the truth about the curse with Suk-min, a boy who always lingers around her, and her boyfriend Heon-joong.

3. The Cut

On the first day of anatomy class, a beautiful female cadaver awaits 5 medical students in the laboratory. Soon after their encounter, a string of accidents and unexplained deaths befalls their classmates, and the students' lives spiral out of control as they begin to suffer from unexplainable hallucinations and delusions.

4. For Eternal Hearts

An ordinary college boy Su-young meets an extraordinary girl named Pippi on campus. After he witnesses her suicide, bizarre things begin to happen.


CLNY said...

They all sound great! I can't wait to see Alone from Thailand...

Erik Samdahl said...

Thanks, I'll check some of these out. I really like Two Sisters... unfortunately they're making a remake.