October 6, 2006

Zombies on a Plane!!

After the success of 'Snakes on a Plane', everybody wants to do a horror movie on a plane, the latest being 'Plane Dead'. Apparently George A. Romero was asked to direct the film but he turned it down because the budget wasn't enough.

The film revolves around an international flight from LA to Paris on which a renegade scientist, on the run from the CIA, has smuggled a secret coffin containing a body infected with a genetically engineered virus. When the plane encounters two large storms, the extreme turbulence causes the flesh-eating body to escape from the plane’s hold. A life-and-death battle then ensues as the virus turns the passengers into the undead.

The terrified uninfected passengers try to survive the flight. No government will allow the 'infected' flight to land. Stranded in the air, the passengers have no place to hide from theirravenous tormentors.....

1 comment:

Paddy Tan said...

Wonder what's next after putting snakes, zombies on planes :)

Probably gonna throw in some lawyers, politicians .. that will be one hellva horror horror picture! :)