October 2, 2006

'Sinking of Japan' coming soon

Already a blockbuster in it's own country, Japan disaster pic 'The Sinking of Japan' recently opened at No. 1 in South Korea with $3.2 million in its first four days. Haul ranks as the second-highest opening for a Japanese film in Korea, trailing animated feature 'Howl's Moving Castle' which opened with $4.8 million on 233 prints in early 2005.

Made with a budget of over 2 billion yen, the movie is a disaster epic which tells of what happens to Japan when it's hit by tsunami, earthquake and volcano eruptions all at the same time, resulting in the total obliteration of the country.

UIP is distributing this movie locally in Malaysia and will open in Dcember 2006.

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Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

Sounds interesting...hopefully the CG is good...