September 28, 2006

'Hard Candy' - not for everybody

'Hard Candy' is not for everybody. First of all, there are only 2 actors in the whole movie. Then of course there's the taboo subject of paedophile and the dangers of meeting people through the internet.

32-year old photographer Jeff has been chatting online with 14-year old Haley for three weeks. They decide to meet up at a cafe. Then Jeff takes Haley back to his house. But soon the twist of the story explodes and Haley turns the table on Jeff as she informs him that she knows he's a paedophile and intends to punish him. She drugs him and ties him to a chair. Jeff is forced to undergo intensive questioning from Haley, including being set up for castration. The tension mounts to a peak as the two characters uncover aspects of each other.

As I mentioned, the movie is not for everybody, especially those expecting to see an action-packed thriller like Saw. It will probably work better as a play rather than a movie. Some parts gets really dry as the conversations between the two characters drag on. The twist at the end was not really compelling either.

The two actors are pretty good though, especially 19-year old Ellen Page who plays the 14-year old Haley. She really creeps me out in her role!

I guess one of the things that you learn from this movie is to be careful meeting people over the internet. Guys beware! You never know the chick that you are chatting with might be a serial killer!

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