September 14, 2006

DOA - lots of action and hot babes

I went to the premier of 'DOA: Dead or Alive' last night without really knowing anything about the movie, except that it's got some hot babes. I understand that it's based on a video game, but I've never played it before. I was quite dissapointed with the outcome because it's just a rehash of the Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter genre. At least the plot in Mortal Kombat was interesting.

It's all about a group of people who are invited to an island to fight each other, and the ultimate winner gets $10 mil.

One of the users in wrote 'Teenage boys are going to love it'. I think not only teenage boys, but boys of all ages will watch this movie if only for the sexy kick-ass babes...and director Cory Yuen probably wanted it that way because there's lots of close-up shots of the ladies' boobs, bottoms and legs.

The fight sequences are OK but it's nothing we haven't seen before in countless chinese movies like Hero, Fearless, House of Flying Dagger etc etc.

At the end I thought it was just a silly, cheesy movie with lots of action and hot babes and nothing much else. Anyway, if I want to watch a kick-ass chick flick, I'd rather watch a rerun of Charlie's Angels.

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