July 10, 2006

The new Bond girls

(L to R) Eva Green, Caterina Murino, Ivana Milicevic

As we are all anxiously waiting to see if Daniel Craig can hold the lead in his debut as James Bond in the upcoming CASINO ROYALE, here's a sneak peek at the latest line-up of Bond girls.

French actress Eva Green is the female lead, Vesper Lynd, Bond's assistant and early love interest. Green is better known for her potrayal opposite Orlando Bloom in 'Kingdom of Heaven'.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Italian actress Caterina Murino, who plays Solange, the bad guy's wife. Murino is not so well known outside of her native Italy and in France where she's appeared in a variety of small film roles.

Last, but certainly not least, is Bosnian-born model-actress Ivana Milicevic, who's is better known to Americans than the other two actresses, and who has had small parts in movies like 'Head Over Heels', 'Vanilla Sky' and 'Paycheck'.

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