July 6, 2006

IRON MAN is coming soon

For all you comic geeks out there, Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment has confirmed the production of IRON MAN. This movie will kick off the 2008 summer season. This will be the first movie to be produced by Marvel under its alliance with Paramount, Jon Favreau (Zathura, Elf) has come on board as director. So far, no actor has been identified to play the lead role.

Favreau has started a blog at his official site at myppace.com/jonfavreau to provide fans with updates about his forthcoming Iron Man movie. However to view his blog, you have to be a registered MySpace member.

The story follows billionaire weapons-manufacturer, Tony Stark, who confronts the sins of his past after he is injured by one of his own weapons. Equipped with a high-tech suit of armor, he becomes Iron Man to combat evil on a global scale.

Among Marvel's other projects is a sequel to 2003's Hulk. Captain America, Nick Fury and Thor.


Bigjoe99 said...

Personally while I am a fan of the Iron Man comics, I think the movie version is harder to pull off. Also don't like the new suit. If done properly, it may not lose money but frankly Captain America would be a better choice but it has to give it a dark treatment like what they did to Batman and it will fly. Maybe it wants to use Iron Man as something to get experience in movie making but frankly not looking forward to it.

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

Hmm...i think way too many comic movies are being made. its going to come to a point where people will get sick of watching comic based movies. Its more or less the same thing isnt it, guy experiences something tragic, gets some super powers, saves the day, screws the chick. *sigh*

you hollywood, they will pervert whatever love we have for the comics