May 14, 2013

Unforgettable underwear from the movies

When doing the research for this blog post, I came to realize that actresses in underwear looking good was much easier to find than men in underwear looking good. It looks as though men just don’t get in their underwear quite as often, or maybe there’s just not the same buzz around it online. So, in order to find a solution to this, here’s a list of the top unforgettable underwear scenes from movies, they don’t necessarily all look their best, but they are sure to jog your memory of some classic movies. Let me know if you think of anymore.

Blades of Glory 
John Hader got caught in the movie Blades of Glory wearing just these purple y-fronts. The best thing about this is that rumour has it, he rehearsed this scene in just those pants too!

Risky Business
The hilarious home dance scene which involves Tom Cruise sliding into the room in a pair of socks then jumping around in his pants singing to Old Time Rock and Roll is one that everybody knows or has heard of. Don’t deny it, you’ve recreated this scene a few times at home yourself.

The Paperboy
According to Zac Efron, this scene was completely improvised, what was meant to be a dramatic and serious scene turned out to be fun and slightly flirty dance in the rain. If anyone’s going to look good spontaneously dancing in just white pants, soaking wet through with a woman 20 years older then it’s Mr Efron.

How could we have this list without Borat’s bright green mankini? The hideous luminous lycra concoction in the picture below is enough to put you off  going to the beach for life, but it’s become iconic none the less and you’ve got to admire his confidence if nothing else.

The Notebook
The moment Noah and Allie do what very few couples do and decide to undress standing opposite each other in a sort of awkward check for approval from the other person. Romantic none the less, and we get to see those knee-length boxers that we recognize from the 1940’s. Would you wear them nowadays?

The Full Monty
A classic movie from the 90’s known for the bold unemployed guys who decide to make money in quite a unique way. If the awkward dancing and pasty bodies weren’t enough, check out the red thongs they choose as “costume”, hilarious every time you watch!

Couples Retreat
The moment Marcel pushes the four couples outside of their comfort zone and makes them strip in front of each other. An awkward situation for them all but in particular Shane, who isn’t wearing underwear and gets forced to take his pants off anyway.

Magic Mike – One for the ladies
Finally, one for the ladies, Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey along with their stripper colleagues show off their ripped bodies in this modern day Full Monty style film. Looks like movie strippers still haven’t found an alternative for those shiny thongs.

This guest post was contributed by Holly Powell, a fan of all things men’s fashion and movies on behalf of Underwear

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