August 21, 2012

A Tribute to Tony Scott

As we mourn the passing of Tony Scott, I thought you might like to enjoy Tony being directed by his older brother Ridley in Boy And Bicycle, one of Ridley Scott’s first films.

Tony Scott (left) with brother Ridley

In this atmospheric film Tony stars as a schoolboy playing truant for the day in Hartlepool.

His bike trip takes him from the beach, to a funfair and to a deserted shack, as we listen to his random thoughts (everything from fish shops to women’s hairy legs).

Boy and Bicycle is truly a family affair, as Scott’s father drove the car used for the many tracking shots, while both of his parents make cameo appearances.

Made on an old 16mm spring-wound Bolex camera in 1962, the BFI provided Scott with post-production funding, and the film was finished with a score by John Barry.

You can watch Boy And Bicycle on The Space here.

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WhiteMessages said...

Top Gun and Crimson Dawn were some of my favorite movies. Sad to learn of his passing.