February 13, 2009

A good movie for Valentine's Day

"Nights In Rodanthe" is one of those romantic little movies that are aimed at touching your heartstrings. Seeing that the movie is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, you can probably tell what the story is about. Yes Nicholas Sparks is the same guy who wrote "Message In A Bottle", "The Notebook", "A Walk To Remember".

Anyway, this is not a movie to shout about. It's just a simple movie to watch while cuddling with your partner on the couch. If you're a guy, this is the movie that would make her cry on your shoulder.

The story is about how Richard Gere and Diane Lane met in a deserted beach house while a storm is brewing outside. While trapped inside the house, both of them falls in love. But like all Nicholas Spark stories, tragedy happens. Telling you anymore would spoil the story.

One great thing about the movie is the beautiful scenery and cinematography. The beach house which is central to the movie looks fantastic. And not to mention great acting by the two leads. Gere and Lane have perfect chemistry and they can still captivate the audience after all these years.

My only complain is that the movie tend to focus too much on the romance between Gere and Lane, and too little on what happens afterwards. The flashback at the end of the movie was too quick.

All in all this will not break any box office, but definitely worth watching on Valentine's Day tomorrow.

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