December 12, 2008

10 reasons why I hate 'Quantum Of Solace'

I believe 'Quantum of Solace' is one of the worst Bond movies that I've seen. I will tell you why.

10) Daniel Craig is not a bad actor, But can we see a smile once in a while? And what's with the disheveled look? Where's the tuxedo? And there's no humour and one-liners either.
9) What happened to the gun barrel sequence at the beginning of the film? Maybe the director does not want to remind us that we are watching a Bond movie. Instead the gun barrel sequence appears at the end of the movie.
8) The title song sung by Alicia Key and Jack White is possibly one of the worst Bond songs ever. The tune is so monotonous and boring. Give me Shirley Bassey or Sheena Easton anytime.
7) The opening car chase sequence made me nauseous. The poor shooting and editing of the scene made it look like an MTV video.
6) Bring back Moneypenny and Q! What's a Bond movie without the gadgets and the firtations.
5) Dominic Green must be the worst villain in Bond history. There's nothing evil about him at all. While the villains in the other Bond movies plan to destroy earth or detonate nuclear bombs, Greene's crime is stealing water! And in the final fight scene between Greene and Bond, did you notice how Green keeps squealing like a girl.
4) And what about the henchman?! With a name like Elvis, who could be afraid of him? He looks like a sissy with his toupee. Remember Jaws and Oddjob?
3) Even though it's a supposed to be a sequel from 'Casino Royale', must Bond keep reminding us of how sad he is of losing Vesper? "Boo-hoo, Vesper is dead, and I'm so sad. Boo-hoo-hoo." Get over it, dude!
2) There's no chemistry between Bond and the female leads. Rolling Stone magazine calls Camille "perhaps the dullest Bond girl ever." Whatever happened to the final scene where Bond always nails his leading lady?
1) James Bond is NOT Jason Bourne! QOS is trying to imitate something which is not meant to be. And like Jason Bourne, who has forgotten his identity, had Bond or maybe the producers acquired amnesia too?

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mkfreeberg said...

Two more:

11. What happened to Mathis. Like moving the gunbarrel sequence to the end, it was a needless provocation.

12. The corrupt-generalissmo guy who wanted the glass of beer, he wasn't any more threatening than Green.

Fix EVERYTHING else, and leave your #5 busted, it's still just as bad. Lousy movie villains are toxic. Hard to make a good movie with a lousy villain, and it's not even that easy to make a bad movie if it's got a great villain.