August 16, 2007

Rome's McKidd is Thor

Latest news from IESB on the bigscreen adaptation of Marvel's Thor:
Just days after Matthew Vaughn was announced as director of the Thor adaptation over at Marvel Studios, a name has started floating around industry circles as a potential lead.

Looks like there may be another superhero coming out of HBO’s Rome. First it was Ray Stevenson who was announced as the new Punisher. Now, Kevin McKidd, Rome’s Lucius Vorenus, is being rumored as the new mighty Thor!

The Thor script was penned by Mark Protosevich and is said to very origin heavy. Origin of Norse Gods, origin of the Uru Hammer, origin of how Thor came to be basically, which makes a lot of sense considering the last time most saw Thor on the big screen was in Adventures in Babysitting!

McKidd is currently shooting Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey and finished up Dylan based on the life of poet Dylan Thomas.

The IESB has not been able to get full confirmation on this casting as of yet, we'll keep you updated!

Marvel Studios is looking to start shooting on Thor by this winter in order to stay one step ahead of the looming writers’ guild strike.
Incidentally director Matthew Vaughn is currently enjoying box-office success for 'Stardust'.

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