July 10, 2007

Transformers rip-off!

I went to the Pasar Malam the other night, I saw this guy was asking the DVD vendor about this movie, thinking that it's Transformers. This was like 1 week before even the Transformers movie was released worldwide! The DVD vendor said the copy is very clear blah, blah, blah....and the guy believed him and bought the copy. So warning to all you guys out there....don't get conned!

Anyway, this movie is released by Asylum, which is famous for its cheap rip-offs which are usually released a couple of weeks earlier than the original counterpart to cash in on their success. Their movies include 'Pirates Of Treasure Island', 'Snakes On A Train', and 'Da Vinci Treasure'!

1 comment:

KA® said...

wonder if this movie rocked like Transformers