March 1, 2007

The lowest grossing movie in history

The movie 'Zyzzyx Road' opened at the box office on February 25 this year made history recently...but not in a good way. The movie - which cost $US2 million ($2.5 million) to make and starring Leo Grillo, Tom Sizemore and Katherine Heigl - has become the lowest-grossing American cinema release ever, with total box-office earnings of US$30. The movie closed six days after it opened.

Wow! With an average ticket of US$5 per ticket, that only means 6 people watched it over a period of 6 days. The reason could probably be because nobody could pronounce the title correctly at the ticket

The following article was taken from Wikipedia.
Zyzzyx Road lasted only six days in release, from February 25, 2006 through March 2, 2006. The film was released in only one theater, in One of the most widely recognized aspects of Zyzzyx Road is its notably low box office draw. The film is possibly the lowest grossing film of all time, earning just $30 at the box office from exactly six patrons. Unofficially, its opening weekend netted twenty dollars. The ten dollar difference is due to a personal refund by Grillo to makeup artist Sheila Moore, who had worked on the film, and her friend.

The release was purposefully shown for a short amount of time in the single theater, which the producers had rented for $1,000, to fulfill Screen Actors Guild rules that allow a low-budget film to pay actors a lower rate as long as that film is released in the United States. This showing in Texas was to fulfill that obligation without compromising the chances for future nationwide distribution through a distribution company.
The synopsis is as follows:
Grant is an accountant with a bad marriage and a daughter whom he loves. He takes to the road to service his accounts in Las Vegas. While there he meets seductive Marissa. They have a week-long affair which culminates in the arrival of Marissa's ex-boyfriend, Joey. Joey attempts to kill the lovers, but Grant gets the upper hand. Grant and Marissa then drive Joey's body to Zyzzyx Road and Grant buries Joey in the desert there. But in the morning the body is missing and something is trying to kill Grant and Marissa.


Lizzam said...

wow! even lower than our own Misi 1511!

Paddy Tan - said...

Wow! That is a new record for the wrong reason.