June 29, 2006

'Superman Returns' premiere SUCKS !!!

I was invited to the 'Superman Returns' premiere at GSC Mid-Valley last night.

I was told to collect my ticket at 6.30pm for the show which starts at 9.30pm.

After collecting my ticket, I got back to GSC about 9pm. To my surprise we were informed that no electrical devices were allowed to be brought in the cinema. All devices have to be 'deposited' at a designated counter.

Incidentally, I brought along my laptop because I came straight from work. And I was informed that even my laptop has to be kept at the counter. Of course I refused to do that. I asked the organisers (who are 20th Century Fox) if they are willing to take responsibility in case of loss, and they refused. So how could I just leave my laptop to total strangers if the organisers themselves are not willing to guarantee its safety (especially nowadays when laptop thefts are so prevalent).

I argued with the Marketing Manager, who gave me this 'who cares' attitude. She kept telling me it's okay if I don't want to watch the movie. I argued with her for a few minutes and walked off without watching the movie.

I understand the part about not bringing in recording devices like video-cams and handphones, but not allowing someone to bring in their laptops is ridiculous (considering how expensive and valuable a laptop is). I even told them that they can check my laptop for any recording devices if they want. They refused.

I don't understand why 20th Century Fox is being so 'kiasu' about all of this. What's the big deal anyway ? The general release is the next day. If I want to record anything, I can just buy a ticket and do it then. Or better yet, I'll download it from BitTorrent.

Why was this not informed to us earlier in the invitation ? I could have left my laptop in my office or at home if I knew I could not bring it in. The least the organisers could do was to inform the guests when we collect our tickets at 6.30pm. There's still plenty of time for me to go back and keep my laptop.

Even though the invitation was given free to me, but I have lost precious time and effort. They have no right to treat the guests this way.

If any of you have any similar experience do let me know.


moz monster said...

I totally agree with you ... oh well, I was a victim of laptop ban as well.

If I was told earlier I wouldn't have any entry with my laptop, I would have downright declined to attend. And I wouldn't mind too - since I know there are rules around laptops.

Anyways, my personal response to this is to go and buy every 20th Century Fox movie I can find on DVD 9 - for good. No more cinemas as far as their movies are concerned.

I hardly doubt any amount of complaining would do.

I wonder if anyone lost anything there?? Since it's no guarantee - if you know what I mean ...

ShaolinTiger said...

It's normal for premiers, no bags at all, no handphones with cameras, no recording devices or electronics (laptop can be considered a recording device).

Check the back of the invitation it's usually stated there.

There's no point complaining, how they acted is correct according to well documented policy, the fact you failed to educate yourself about it is not their fault.

Cheers ;)

The Great Swifty said...

Though I do kinda agree with ST, it's still a pretty bad experience. Yeah.

mypapit said...

that's why i seldom goes to premier

moz monster said...

Folks - the invitation card only mentioned that there are no mobile phones allowed. And all the banners put up all over the place indicated no mobile phones, PDAs, cameras, recording devices ... no mention about laptops.

And if they're gonna keep my RM8000+ laptop and can't guarantee its safety, it ain't worth the movie to risk that chance. For all I know, my laptop could be her monthly salary.

If they had mentioned it earlier, well, I would have just passed.

Anonymous said...

fully agree. It was the victim and it was really a disaster. No acknowledgement at all. They should make themselves clear instead of causing all the inconvenience. The marketing really did a lousy job. I am so disappointed with Twentieth Century Fox Film to have such a lousy arrangement, and also hired a worst marketing manager – Irene Yau in the world. She was so unprofessional, and irritating. I think this premier has the most complaints in the history.

moz monster said...

BTW, ST, even the old brick phones were barred from the premier ... so much for recording devices only. I still undersstand the handphone ban ... since it might spoil the experience of viewers.

quiscalis said...

Dun feel bad, Laptop can have recording capabilities so is under 'recording device' category.

Even ancient brick phones are under the same category because you can transmit audio out to be recorded. Don't forget 'recording' means both audio and visual. They were not wrong to deny you entry for the sake of protecting their own property.

Penny Lane said...

I totally agree that the marketing person did not handle the situation well enough. She should have explained the situation to you rather than just telling you to leave if you are not willing to cooperate.

On the other hand, I can also understand why they can't give any promises as to whether your laptop won't be damaged or go missing. The rules are written in the invite.(in this case, they left out the laptop point, but I remember attending a premiere where it was clearly stated that no laptops are allowed)
To attend this premiere, we have to abide by the rules, which means we can't bring in anything that is prohibited. The deposit counter is just a service that they provide us for convenience, a place to put our stuff while we watch the movie. Else, we can leave our phones/elect. devices at home or in our cars.
But I can understand your frustration as they did not include the no laptop line in the invites and the person on duty couldn't be bothered to answer your questions politely.

I attend a lot of premieres. I'm well aware of the security that we have to go thru before entering the cinema, eg. bag & metal detector checks. I know as long as I follow the rules correctly, I will be able to watch the movie before anyone else in the world. Hey its free anyway. I guess if people are uncomfortable with these security measures, they should just avoid the hassle and queue up and buy tickets when the movie opens. Oh wait... that's an even bigger hassle...

Eo1 said...

I attended the same premier as you. For a person who owns a RM8000+ laptop..i think it takes a primary kid to understand what the word " OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES" means. Personally i don think 20th Century Fox should take the blame for telling you that your laptop is not allowed in the cinema hall. If you claim that you have attended lots of premier screenings...you should be well aware of the rules by now. Furthermore... you have collected your ticket at 6.30pm and you only went back to the cinema at 9pm. I would think you should have read the rules behind your invite as it is clearly stated..NO HANDPHONES, PDAS OR ANY OTHER ELECTRONIC devices. Now.... who is being ignorant here????

Also...you are attending a premier and bear in mind u r watching the movie first before anyone in the world. Should u be grateful to that rather than to make such a big fuss abt it? Your laptop can be worth more than RM8000 but the royalty rights to the movie costs millions...whos is gonna bear the consequences later? you?

All i can say is...take the initiative to read your invite. its takes less than a minute. People would respect you more if you respect people. Standing in front of the cinema hall throwing vulgarity around will not get you anywhere... all it can do is make you look stupid.

The MovieBuff said...

my dear eo1....for your info, the invite only mentioned 'No recording Devices'. I hardly consider my laptop as a recording device. I think the organiser should anticipate that there would be lots of people who will be attending the premier for the 1st time and educate us ignorant people of the rules.

What pisses me off is the attitude of the bloody marketing manager. She can be more understanding and explain slowly to us instead of giving us her 'who gives a fuck' attitude.

And just because the invite is free, should we be grateful that we are being treated like shit?

By the way, I attended the Pirates 2 premiere 2 days ago, and the organisers were very professional. Even though they explicitly state no laptops etc in the invitation, the audience do not need to deposit it outside.

Anonymous said...

Hi Movie buff

Im leaving my comments as one of the workers who are involve in various movie premier security checkup ....im not saying that you are abit unreasonable as i could feel that your are not happy with the Marketing mgr attitude ..but..."recording device" can be a laptop as you know..you can just pop a webcam and walah u got a recording device, so for everyone's convenient ,we can't go through each and one of every lap top that a person bring's in , it would be a tidious job to do.so to simply the process ..movie goers anot permitted to bring in anyelectronic devices

Put it in this way , if they allowed you to bring in and another person saw that and he wil also make a big fuss regarding that, so i hope you would be wise not to bring along a lap top with you if you really want to attend a movie premier

so no point making a big fuss , as the people who are doing security checking are just doing their job so that you could enjoy your movie while if most of the movie goers for the premier show are all with this attitude like you ,you are making a hell of a day for those fellas who are doing the security checking job.

I hope that you would consider this and be more understanding next time you attend another movie premier