February 10, 2009

Alternative ways to download movies

I'm sure most of you are familiar on how to download movies using P2P technology like BitTorrent. But what if you cannot access BitTorrent? For example if you are blocked by a firewall in your office.

An alternative way is to use direct download methods like Rapidshare and Megaupload. The difference is that direct downloads are slower because you are downloading directly from a central source instead of multiple.

I have come across a few good websites which offer movies for download via Rapidshare:

http://ncenmovie.blogspot.com/ - Asian movies
http://www.dlaznmovies.com/ - Asian movies
http://www.tv-mafia.com/ - TV series
http://www.rapidtelevision.com/ - TV series

The problem with Rapidshare is that if you are not a Premium member, there is a 15min wait time between downloads. And you can only download one file at a time.

Anyway, I think this is a good alternative to BitTorrent. Happy Downloading!


Improvedliving said...

well thanks. I need to download some movies.

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chillopy said...

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